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Family Membership

As a member at Fairfields, you will be part of a great aquatic community focused on fitness, family and fun. Members have access to an array of programs throughout the summer designed for children and adults, including:

  • Swimming Lessons: Two-week session for each child in your family
  • Citi-Swim: Daily, 45-minute swim practice and up to *three meets per season.
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Family Swim
  • Adult Swim & Adult Aquafit Classes
  • Social events throughout the season

Share Purchase Price

The one-time initiation fee is $525 and includes a $375 share purchase price and a membership transfer fee of $150.00. Should you choose to sell your membership share; the $375 share price will be returned to your family once the share is sold, less any outstanding fees. 

* for 2024, we are waiving the $150 transfer fee making the purchase price just $375.

Annual Membership Dues

Each member at Fairfields Swimming Club is responsible for annual dues, which cover pool maintenance, life guards, swimming lessons, club programs and other expenses (e.g. utilities, insurance). 

Family Membership: Defined as up to two (2) adults and all unmarried children, 25 years of age and under residing at the same address. Each child is entitled to one set of lessons throughout the season. Citi*Swim practices, tot time, synchro and other child related activities are included for members children. This membership does not cover grandchildren or extended family unless you are the legal guardian of said child and they reside at the same address. 

Volunteer Program

Fairfields Swimming Club is administered by a volunteer board of directors and relies heavily on its volunteer program to plan social events and help maintain the pool property. Each member is asked to include a cheque for $200.00 dated October 1 with their annual membership package. Should your family complete and report five volunteer hours during the season, the cheque will be destroyed. If the hours are not served and reported, the cheque will be cashed.

All members are encouraged to participate in the volunteer program and other special events. It’s is a great way to get to know other members at the pool.

*Note that there will be a fee for each meet you commit to attending.

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