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Swimmer 6

These advanced swimmers will rise to the challenge of sophisticated aquatic skills including stride entries, compact jumps and lifesaving kicks like eggbeater and scissor kick. They'll develop strength and power in head-up breaststroke sprints over 25 m. They'll easily swim lengths of front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke, and they'll complain about the 300 m workout.
  1. Stride entry into deep water
  2. Compact jump into deep water
  3. Legs-only surface support 45 sec.
  4. Swim underwater 10 m to recover object
  5. Eggbeater kick on back 15 m
  6. Scissor kick 15 m
  7. Breaststroke 50 m
  8. Front crawl and back crawl 100 m each
  9. Head-up swim 25 m
  10. Interval training: 4 x 25 m breaststroke with 30 sec. rests
  11. Sprint breaststroke 25 m
  12. Workout 300 m:
    50 m warm-up (choice of strokes)
    4 x 25 m front crawl with 15 sec. rests
    4 x 25 m back crawl with 15 sec. rests
    50 m cool-down (choice of strokes)
  13. Water Smart messages: Swim with a Buddy; Wear a Lifejacket: Check the Ice; Swim to Survive

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