Memberships Available

Officers & Directors Positions & Duties

 President (Officer)
  • Convene & Chair, Board & Annual meeting
  • Oversee pool operations
  • Attend to all legal issues
 Vice President (Officer)
  • Take place of President when necessary
  • Do duties of one Director position
 Secretary (Officer)
  • Take minutes of all Board meeting and AGM
  • Circulate minutes to all board members following meeting
  • Send email to all board members with reminder of board meeting
  • Send notification of AGM to all membership
 Treasurer (Officer)
  • Maintain Financials for FSC, Government Remittances & Payroll
  • Process all approved invoices for payment
  • Maintain record of membership payments
  • Maintain record of volunteer hour payments
  • Process and deposit all funds received
  • Maintain general ledger book of accounts
  • Prepare financial statements
 Director, Staffing
  • Interview and hire staff
  • Train head guard to maintain staffing hours within budget
  • Hold training session with staff prior to pool opening
  • Hold weekly or bi-weekly meeting with staff 
  • Ensure all safety regulations are met and understood by the staff
  • Approve all time sheets for payment
  • Handle all staff related issues, including but not limited to, discipline, vacation requests, staff reviews, etc. while working closely with the Head Guard
 Director, Communications
  • Maintain and process membership communication as required
  • Ensure web site is kept updated based on board directive
  • Ensure bulletin board at pool is kept updated and tidy
  • Prepare membership renewal, insurance waiver, lesson application and pool hours documents
 Director, Water Maintenance
  • Arrange for all openings and closings
  • Deal with any pool/water maintenance issues 
  • Approve all pool maintenance invoices for payment
 Director,  Grants & By-Law Review
  • Grant Funding Application
  • By-Law review for 2016 required changes
 Director,  Membership 
  • Maintain record of memberships, including renewals, sales, sublets
  • Keep Director, Communications updated with membership list
  • Process purchases and sales, collecting funds, issuing purchase receipts and processing sale refunds.
  • Ensure all members emails are up to date and follow up by phone with any members who’s emails are bouncing.
 Director,  Volunteers
  •  Manage volunteer opportunities and maintain volunteer log.
  • Communicate volunteer opportunities to the membership by providing details to the Director, Communications 
 Director, Facility Maintenance
  • Ensure facilities, within the property, excluding the physical pool and water, are maintained.
  • Ensure the grounds, within the property are maintained.
  • Attend to any facility and grounds maintenance issues
  • Arrange for pre,, mid (if required) and post-season cleanup days
  • Ensure all facility supplies are available at the pool (i.e. toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies, propane, garbage & recycling bags, etc.).

All duties can be outsourced to membership as long as they reporting back to the appropriate Director.
The above list is a generalization of the overall operations of FSC. Additional jobs will be assigned from time to time as needed.
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