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Membership Questions

How much does it cost to join Fairfields?

There is a one-time, initiation fee of $525.00. This comprises the purchase of a Share in Fairfields Swimming Club ($375.00) and a Membership Transfer Fee ($150.00). Should you choose to sell your membership share; the $375 share price will be returned to your family once the share is sold, less any outstanding fees. 
Each member at Fairfields Swimming Club is responsible for annual dues, which cover pool maintenance, lifeguards, swimming lessons, club programs and other expenses (e.g. utilities, insurance). We have three levels of annual dues based on your membership level.  We have a Family Membership, Adult Only Membership and a Loyalty Membership.  See below for more information on each membership level.
Each year, members pay an annual fee depending on the membership level.

What is a "Family" membership?

A Family Membership is defined as up to two (2) adults and all unmarried children, 25 years of age and under residing at the same address. Each child is entitled to one set of lessons throughout the season. Citi*Swim practices, tot time, synchro and other child related activities are included for members children. This membership does not cover grandchildren or extended family unless you are the legal guardian of said child and they reside at the same address.

What is an "Adult Only" membership?

An Adult Only Membership is defined as up to two adults (18 and over) residing at the same address. This membership level does not include children. Any children would be considered guests and would not be permitted at the pool without a member and a guest pass. Swimming lessons would be available only in accordance with our non-member rules and regulations. Therefore, if you are interested in programs for children, please sign up for a family level membership.

What is a "Loyalty" membership?

Loyalty members are adult families that have belonged to Fairfields for 20 or more years. Family members are not eligible for lessons or Citi*Swim. Loyalty members pay a reduced rate and are not required to participate in the volunteer hours program, however it is still encouraged that they help out whenever possible.

Pool Rental Questions

Can the pool be rented for private parties?  Yes!

For the 2023 season, members of the pool are able to rent the pool during off peak family swim pool hours. This rental provides the requester and his/her invitees with non-exclusive use of the swimming pool and non-exclusive use of the remainder of the site, including the side yard and the parking lot.

Rental Rates:

$150 for a 2 hour rental for 9 to 15 people

$225 for a 2 hour rental for 16 to 30 people

*Guest passes may be purchased and used when members bring 1 to 8 people

Please contact for availability for non-exclusive rentals. 

A deposit of $50 is required to secure the rental booking. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to pool use. The deposit will be forfeited for cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the event. The entire pool rental fee will be refunded if the pool is closed due to thunder/lightening or for any other reason deemed necessary by Fairfields Swimming Club.

Lesson Questions

Only one of my children can attend lessons this season, can my other child have two sets of lessons?

No.  Each child is allowed one set of lessons per season.  Extra lessons are available for a rate of $75.00 per child.

We are only able to attend one week of lessons in session X.  Can I split my child's lessons over two sessions.

No.  Each child is allowed one set of lessons per season.  We offer 5 different lesson sessions throughout the summer.  There are members that are able to use these spots and taking up two spots in different sessions is not fair to the other members that are able to take a full set of lessons.  If you do want to split your lessons, the first session will be covered under your membership cost and the second set will be charged at a rate of $50.00 per child.

Do lessons still run if it is raining, windy, colder weather conditions?

Lessons will run rain or shine. In the event that lightning or thunder is present in or around the area, Fairfields will immediately close the pool. The pool will remain closed until 30 minutes past the last visible lightning strike or episode of thunder.

Guest Questions

Can members bring a guest?

Yes. A fee of $7.00 per guest per day will apply and MUST be paid to the guards (correct change or small bills would be appreciated). Guest passes are available in booklets of 10 for $60.00 and can be purchased from any Director or at the pool office. Although we welcome your friends to the pool, please keep in mind our rules to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.  All guests must be accompanied by a Member in good standing.  Please ensure that when you bring a guest to the pool to notify the guards upon entering of any disability or medical conditions that may require their attention. All guests intending to swim in the deep end are also required to take a deep end test when they go to the pool by asking the lifeguard on duty to perform this test.  There is a maximum of 8 guests per membership (e.g. family membership) at a time on the deck (includes swimmers and non swimmers). If you would like to bring more than 8 guests then please contact

My guest isn't swimming, do I have to pay a guest fee?

Yes. All guests must pay the guest fee whether they are swimming or not.

Our chief caregiver is bringing our kids to the pool, can the caregiver bring their children or other guests with them?

No. Only a member that is 10 and over can purchase & use guest passes for their membership.  Chief caregivers are not able to purchase or use guest passes.  Any exceptions to this rule must be discussed with the head lifeguard and the board of directors in advance.

What is a chief caregiver?

A chief caregiver is someone that will be looking after your child(ren) regularly when you are not at the pool.  Typical examples of this are nannies, mother's helper, grandparents, etc.  There is no guest fee for a chief caregiver, however, they must be listed on your membership form at time of registration/renewal or when this information changes.  A chief caregiver does not access to the facility when not acting in that capacity.

Volunteer Questions

How many volunteer hours am I responsible for?

5 or more volunteer hours are required in order for your volunteer deposit cheque not to be cashed. We strongly recommend starting your volunteer hours early in the season to ensure you are able to complete these.  We do not offer a credit for partial volunteer hours. Click here for ideas on how to volunteer.

Many families ask "How can I help?"

There are many opportunities over the season to help out at FSC. Volunteer opportunities are updated on our website and listed at the pool. We need help with everything from Administration to Maintenance. We are looking for members to step up and take a role in the pool by contributing quality time and services. For example, help organize our bulletin board and maintain it during the season, organizing a facility cleanup day, working at a social event, organizing the lost and found.

Safety Information

What is the Thunder & Lightning Policy?

Fairfields will require immediate closure of the pool in the event that lightning or thunder is present in or around the area. The pool will remain closed until 30 minutes past the last visible lightning strike or episode of thunder. The guards will write the time that they last heard/saw the event and the time that the pool reopen on the white board by the guards office.

What are the policies on aggressive and/or disruptive behaviour at the pool?

Please remind your children that balls, noodles and flutter boards are there to aid and fun in swimming, NOT to be used as weapons. Horse play, tackling, pushing people under the water or pretending that they are in distress will also not be tolerated. At the guards discretion, people not following the rules of the pool will be asked to stop. If the behaviour continues, they will then be asked to exit the pool for a period of time. Then, if it still continues, that child will then be asked to leave the pool for the remainder of the day. If the problem persists, further action will have to be taken. One of our main goals at the pool is for kids to learn to love to swim and meet new friends in a safe environment. We would also like to remind our members that it is hurtful when some kids exclude others from games that are being played. Please help us to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all of our members.

When should I put sunscreen on my children?

You should put on sunscreen at least 1/2 an hour before arriving at the pool and to shower before entering the water. Sunscreen and foreign matter do not mix well with the hot and sunny weather. They in fact promote the growth of algae and help the pool to go cloudy. When this happens we are sometimes forced to close the pool in order to fix the problem.  Please also ensure that you shower before entering the pool.
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