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Swimmer 5

These swimmers will master shallow dives, cannonball entries, eggbeater kicks, and in-water backward somersaults. They'll refine their front and back crawl over 50 m swims of each, and breaststroke over 25 m. Then they'll pick up the pace in 25 m sprints and two interval training bouts: 4 x 50 m front or back crawl; and 4 x 15 m breaststroke.
  1. Shallow dive into deep water
  2. Tuck jump (cannonball) into deep water
  3. Jump entry into deep water, and tread 2 min.
  4. Stationary eggbeater kick 30 sec.
  5. Back somersault (in water)
  6. Roll entry into deep water, tread 90 sec. and swim 75 m
  7. Breaststroke 25 m
  8. Front crawl and back crawl 50 m each
  9. Head-up front crawl 10 m
  10. Interval training: 4 x 50 m front or back crawl with 30 sec. rests
  11. Interval training: 4 x 15 m breaststroke with 30 sec. rests
  12. Sprint front crawl and back crawl 25 m each
  13. Water Smart messages: Swim with a Buddy; Wear a Lifejacket; Check the Ice; Swim to Survive

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